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  • In Fortune 500
  • In Fortune 100
  • 1+ Yrs Exp.
  • MS or Phd
  • Satisfaction

CareeyoOfficeCareeyo is a professional career consulting company, which provides you the most personalized professional advisory service to your career development. Our mentors are the elites from different industries in the world fortune 500 companies. Their rich experience and network are always the good resources to support and help you.

Our achievements speak for us! We already helped thousands of customers received their interviews and offers. Join us and to be more professional, competitive, and successful in the process of achieving your career goal with an easy Careeyo experience!



  • Professional: Professional is a strict criteria for Careeyo in selecting the mentor team. We hope their experiences are not only limited to the professional industry insights, but also applied to the services of career counseling. With such a professional mentor team, we believe the mentors will be your most powerful friends to accompany you in your career development journey.
  • Personalization: We never stint on time to understand your background for providing the most personalized career advisories to meet your requirements. No matter what your major is, no matter how you prepared, we are going to design a specific personalized plan for you to achieve your career goals!
  • High Satisfaction: We care how you evaluate us! We already helped thousands of customers
    to receive their interviews and offers in the past few years. Our high quality services made them
    valued us as their good partner on their way to get succeed. High satisfaction is always the goal in all of our services.
  • Multi-language: We want to make all the customers feel comfortable when they are communicating with us. So we are not only offering English service but also offering Chinese, Japanese and Korean for most of our services.

You are not alone in your career development journey!